The synchronization of advanced technology and physical protection.

Our Expertise

SyncroSecurity is the quintessential synchronization of advanced technology and physical protection. Our team of security experts, and highly engaged software engineers have revolutionized the asset protection and physical security industry; synergizing the near limitless potential of security and reporting software technologies, and the intuitive recognition of the human mind.
With over 49 years of combined security experience, our leadership team possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all physical security fields, ranging from executive protection, undercover investigations assisting Metropolitan Police Forces, to the leadership of armed guard protection divisions for asset and personal escorting. We are the future of enterprise security, today.

Providing security, protection, and peace of mind.

SyncroSecurity Services is a fully licensed security company; licensed by the Ministry of Private Security & Investigative Services branch of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
We pride ourselves in providing superior security solutions that are not limited to only Toronto and nearby metropolitan areas. We offer protection services province-wide, and across the nation.
Our professional security personnel consists of highly engaged and industry experienced managers, security trainers, professional guards & private investigators, and a variety of security specialists who offer exceptional quality assurance and protection. The provision of an elite level of physical security and customer service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, is syncroSecurity.

Our Security Services

Building & Facility Security

Understanding that no two properties can utilize the same security plan, our team of experts are able to analyze and implement site-specific security strategies to ensure your property is protected.

Event & Venue Security

Events & Venues require special security attention, and SyncroSecurity has the expertise, personnel, and resources to understand the event & venue specific protocols; developing the strategy and contingencies required to implement and maintain an elite level of security on-site.

Film Production Security

Freedom and ease of movement throughout production, while maintaining a controlled and secured set is critical. Our Film Security Specialists utilize their years of industry experience to develop and implement the most thorough physical security system to protect actors, producers, key stakeholders, and ultimately the filming location.

Asset & Personal Escorting

Preparing, organizing, and securing routes for the transport of important assets, dignitaries, or individuals is imperative. Our Escort Security Specialists understand the intricacies of personal and asset protection, and ensure the safe travel from destination to destination. Always.

Executive Protection

Protecting Executives, VIPs, and Celebrities with elite security agents, industry expertise, technology, and strategy. We take the utmost care to ensure our clients' personal protection, and are able to cater our approach to meet the most discerning requirements.

Private Investigators

Active surveillance and private investigations require the utmost discretion, professionalism, and tact. You can trust that our professionally licensed Private Investigators will gather and disseminate the facts in an impartial manner.

COVID-19 Screening

Over the past year, the world has experienced a drastic change with the spread of COVID-19. Health and Safety will always remain a priority of our security provisioning. As such, our team of security professionals are able to deliver thorough COVID-19 screening and adherence programs to ensure the safety of your property.

Our Mission.

It is our mission to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction by instilling into our staff the importance of cooperation, commitment, and dedication. Having developed and implemented first-class employee training programs, we ensure our clients are protected by an engaged team of security professionals.

We're here to protect you.

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