Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Services designed to protect your assets.

Why do you need Loss Prevention Services?

Retail theft has become a growing problem within grocery stores, shopping malls, and various other retail locations. These petty thefts can add up quickly, costing the retail industry billions of dollars every year(1).
When it comes to retail theft, everybody can be a suspect! Studies show that $1.4 billion of theft come from retail store employees alone. This is why it is important to implement effective loss prevent services and deploy a loss prevention team to surveil every person who is in the store, customer or not.

Our retail loss prevention services are built on the belief that no matter how small the theft is, it still matters. Our WSIB insured loss prevention team are professionally trained on both uniformed and undercover loss prevention services strategies & techniques.

Multiple individuals shopping at a boutique

We provide Loss Prevention services & protection to:

Clothing Stores
Electronic Stores
Grocery Stores
Big Box Stores
Jewelry Stores
Wholesale Retail Stores

... and many others.

Uniformed Loss Prevention

Security guard providing security at a grocery store
One of the most effective anti-theft solutions for retail is the utilization of uniformed security guards. Thieves are known to avoid targeting stores that have established and recognizable security.
Our loss prevention team will complete routine patrols around the retail space, while surveying for any potential security threats. Our guards are also trained in store specific emergency protocols such as robberies and fires.

Undercover Loss Prevention

If your retail store is the target for constant and consistent petty theft, or large scale theft, our undercover guards are the retail loss prevention service for you.
Undercover guards are trained to blend in as fellow customers while discreetly patrolling and observing each individual in the store. When a theft occurs, our loss prevention team will work with staff and, if necessary, local law enforcement to deal with the situation accordingly.
Through the use of de-escalation tactics, our guards are able to provide retail asset protection without causing commotion for other customers.
Undercover guard catching a female attempting to steal a pair of red shoes in a store

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