Building & Facility Security

Building Security Guards & System Solutions

Adaptable Facility Security to protect any location.

  • Site specific procedures

  • Routine Patrols

  • Active Checkpoints

  • Securing Entry points

  • Fire Safety & evacuation

  • GPS Guard Tracking

All buildings & facilities have different layouts and procedures, and our professional team of building security guards rely on their ability to strategically adapt to these changing factors. In order for building & facility security to truly be effective, the strategies implemented must be adapted to the location, environment, assets, and various other factors.
Offices, commercial buildings, and warehouses are just a few of the locations that our licensed building security guards are trained to monitor and secure. To ensure your building is secure, our guards will complete routine patrols, the setup of checkpoints, and guarding various entry points as required.
Additionally, in the event of a fire within the building requiring it to be evacuated, our building & facility security guards are professionally trained on the corresponding safety procedures. Our physical security team also utilizes GPS tracking to monitor the locations of our guards to ensure that each location of interest, checkpoint, and entry point is actively & effectively monitored.
commercial building with parking lot at night
This eliminates the common problems that have become standard throughout the physical security industry such as guards not being on site, sleeping on the job, or even stealing.

We provide Building & Facility Security to:

Residential Buildings
Places of Worship
Office Buildings
Commercial Property
Government Buildings

...and many more.

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