Personal Escort & Asset Security

Close Protection & Asset Security concepts to secure valuable people and items.

Close protection of your assets & VIPs

Personal security & asset escorting is a crucial security service for industries that operate with high valued asset that require close protection or VIP executive protection.
These assets hold economic value that is owned or employed by an individual or corporation, and can consist of currency, precious gems, and even high valued employees or personnel.
Often businesses that utilize personal security and asset escorting services are operating with large amounts of cash or other high value assets that they need to transport to other retail locations, deposit in banks, or deliver directly to the customer. Some examples of businesses that use personal security and asset escorting are banks, diamond and jewelry retailers, pharmacies, and restaurants/bars.
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Our Asset Security Concepts

Through the implementation of various asset security concepts, we are able offer a low profile, safe and secure option for moving these high valued assets. To prepare for the escort, through risk and threat assessment techniques, our personal security & asset escorting team will organize optimal routes that will provide the most secure line for moving your assets to the target destination, as well as determining the amount of guards required to provide the required level of security for the escort.
To ensure the assets are properly secure, our licensed and professionally trained close protection guards will be accompany the asset from start to finish, whilst consistently adapting their strategy by, surveying the area for potential security threats, mapping out escape routes, and keeping pedestrians at a respectable distance.
We provide safe travel no matter how far the distance, through our national and international personal security & asset escorting services.

Our Asset Protection services include security for:

Precious Gems & Metals
Personal Possessions
Currency & Equivalents
Classified Documents

... and many others.

What is VIP protection?

Our personal escorting services works in a similar fashion to our asset escorting. Using risk and threat assessment techniques, our VIP executive protection team collaborates with the VIP to strategically plan client specific transit routes.
We take our VIP’s personal security seriously and this is reflected in the level of professionalism taken throughout the personal escort. Whether it’s a special event, meeting or just a personal errand, our licensed close protection guards are professionally trained to provide the highest level of personal security.
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