Executive Protection

Our Private Executive Protection Agents are trained to keep you safe.

Executive Protection for the Stars & VIPs

Our executive protection agents specialize in executive protection & VIP safety. These clients can include high net-worth business moguls, politicians, and celebrities. For these individuals, an outing as simple as going to the mall can quickly become a safety risk, when they are recognized by dangerous criminals or passionate fans.
We understand the importance of any VIPs’ privacy, and the protection required while maintaining freedom of movement. Our executive protection agents are trained to provide the highest level of executive protection without impeding on you or your client’s privacy or freedom; their presence will hardly be noticed until a situation when they are needed arises.
Two security agents shielding a young female VIP

Our VIP Executive Protection clients often include:

TV & Movie Stars
Business Moguls
Famous Athletes

... and many more.

Meet Our Executive Protection Agents.

Our licensed and WSIB insured executive protection agents are professionally trained in personal protection tactics, strategies, and procedures that are designed to provide the highest level of security & protection.
Our private executive protection service extends across the globe, with national and international security escorting coverage. To prepare, our executive protection agents will preemptively plan client specific security strategies based on geographic surroundings and demographics, the VIP’s popularity/fame, and various other security related factors.

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