Event Security

Special Event Security solutions to protect your guests.

Whether it’s the screaming fans at a sports event or the chaos of a bustling music festival, special event security is essential for keeping order. Our special security team understand that no event/venue procedures and security requirements are the same.
Security guards searching two male event attendees at a gated access point.
This understanding is reflected in our ability to assess, develop, and implement venue specific security protocols. Our licensed & WSIB insured event security guards are professionally trained on risk assessment, asset protection, and other valuable security strategies, as well as important medical safety skills such as CPR and First Aid.
These security strategies prepare our guards for any security related situation, whether it’s monitoring the guest list at a reception, or utilizing crowd control tactics at a concert.

Concert Security

The large masses of fans at concerts often become areas for criminal & dangerous activity to flourish. This is why it’s at the utmost importance to deploy effective security at festivals and events. Special security teams are stationed at pivotal entry points are crucial for ensuring that no outside weapons, drugs, or other prohibited items enter the event. Alongside stationed guards, we deploy roaming guard patrols, whose objective is to identify & deter threats, and ensure the overall security & safety of the event grounds.
view from the crowd of a concert with purple lighting, fireworks, and smoke

Sporting Event Security

View from the crowd of a baseball game at night
Similar to concerts, sporting events are known to attract large crowds of spectators. When you mix team spirit with alcohol consumption, passionate sports fans can quickly become disorderly.
When filling a stadium or arena to capacity, preparation is a key factor in influencing the overall protection and security of the event. Our licensed guards prepare by: understanding the audience, minimizing access points, and creating emergency plans for various security incidents.

Red Carpet Event Security

As the popularity of the Canadian film industry increases, so does the need for press events. These events attract large crowds of fans coming to see their favourite actor or actress walk down the red carpet. Large crowds and potential security threats go hand in hand. To combat these security threats, our licensed special event team is trained to escort & protect talent, whilst keeping the fans at a respectable distance. Using professional crowd assessment & control techniques, our guards are able to identify security risks and respond accordingly.
Red carpet ropes with gold posts and blue luxury car in the background

Other events & venues we provide security for include:

Music Halls
Convention Centres
Fashion Shows
Boat Cruises

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