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Our Expert Private Investigators

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Whether it’s an unfaithful spouse, corrupt employee, or an owing customer who has skipped town, our private investigators are the optimal solution for gathering concise intelligence, providing in-depth reports, and ultimately building a case that can be utilized in court.
Our private investigators specialize in gathering important and objective information on persons of interest. Through robust training on the rule of law, investigative techniques, and report writing skills, our private investigators are qualified to undergo a variety of private investigations.

Spouse Investigators

Do you have the feeling that your significant other is acting suspicious? More often than not, it is best to gather credible evidence before confronting them about their behavior.
Our spouse investigators focus on gathering objective evidence that proves your significant other is cheating, stealing, or engaging in other dishonest acts within your relationship. Our spouse investigators work diligently and discreetly to be able to gather high-quality evidence that can be leveraged in court.
We know that a cheating wife or husband can be very stressful for you, your family, and everyone else involved… because of this we guarantee 100% privacy while conducting our investigations. Once the investigation is over, any and all evidence will be turned over to you, giving you complete ownership and choice to use it how you wish.
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Insurance Fraud Private Investigators

Individual committing insurance fraud
Insurance fraud costs Canadian companies hundreds of million dollars annually; faking an injury is one of the most common forms of workplace insurance fraud. Often seen on construction sites, workers will exaggerate or even fake their injuries in order to collect insurance money.

This fraud can end up being very costly for the company. If you suspect your employee is committing in injury fraud, our private investigators will provide discreet surveillance to determine if the worker is faking or exaggerating their injury.


Corporate & Legal Private Investigators

Our private investigators are experts on corporate internal investigations. These investigations are designed to prevent inventory theft, information leaks, embezzlement, and various other mischievous activity that could be the result of a corrupt employee or employees.
Our private Investigators are trained to conduct discreet investigations throughout the company, whether they pose as a fellow coworker, or a supervisor from another department, our private investigators will utilize cutting edge investigative techniques to locate the source of the corruption.
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Our other Private Investigation services include:

Vehicle Tracking
Missing Persons
Asset Identification & Recovery
Civil Investigations
Identify Theft
General Tracking & Surveillance

... and many more.

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