Construction Site Guarding

Construction site security methods to protect your site.

Why do you need a construction security plan?

With the recent rise in material costs, thieves have chosen construction sites as a prime target due to their ease of accessibility and the absence of construction site security methods such as the physical site guarding that is typical for most sites.
It is reported that $46 million of materials and equipment are stolen from constructions sites annually in Canada, according to Aviva Insurance!
This can cause a multitude of problems including higher project costs, extended project timelines & bad reputation for the contractors. To prevent material theft and other construction site related crime, we strategically deploy our professionally trained jobsite security guards to provide the optimal level of construction site security required to protect your assets.
Construction site workers on the job

We help protect against construction site security threats such as:

Workplace Injury
Material and Equipment Theft
Worker Disputes
Environmental Hazards

... and many more.

Providing Health & Safety Programs for your Construction site.

Outside of jobsite security, our guards are trained to monitor and enforce proper health and safety practices. These practices include the use of proper PPE, tying down when working at heights, and engaging in suitable workplace behavior.
In addition to workplace health and safety, our professionally trained guards will also enforce site-specific COVID-19 protocols such as wearing masks and social distancing.
Health and safety personal protective gear

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